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Featured Piece

Featured Piece

'Flock 1' A small piece 27cm x 40cm, but framed with a wide border 62cm x 74cm. Multi media acrylic monoprint with mono printed collage. Part of a series of pieces completed under the heading "Flock and Shoal".

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‘Headspace’ 75cm x 57cm Acrylic on Paper

Winter UK 2020

Winter UK 2020


Winter UK 2020 – Monoprint collage with acrylic paint 150cm x 122cm on canvas.





Autumn UK 2019

Piece now completed. “Autumn UK 2019” 153cm x 122cm. Monoprint collage and acrylic paint.

Cheviots IV

Cheviot Hills IV

View of the Cheviot Hills from outside of Coldstream

Ian Moutter (@moutter_art) is a UK based artist, working in various media. 

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It’s really simple, I create images, using whatever suits the work. In the end it all comes down to there being something there that wasn’t there before.